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Quickbooks Online Specialist

PDP-Services will setup and manage QuickBooks web based accounting software.

Business owners need accurate bookkeeping and business management from any location, and can use this option to be free from a traditional office.

PDP-Services can help: Outsourcing of specialized services enables you to concentrate on your expertise; we will concentrate on ours to help you excel without the need of hardware/software investments, training, in-house employees or extra overhead expenses.

Bookkeeping, Accounting and Controls
To ensure the well-being of a business, internal and external controls need to be put in place. Accurate bookkeeping is necessary, and business ratios need to be available and easy to monitor. These services are our core expertise. Reports are available online or by mail.

Sales and Business Analysis
Where do you make your profits? Which expenses can be controlled? Our continuous analysis will help you to address these important questions. We provide answers and advice to direct you in your decisions, while you can track daily activities through the QuickBooks interface.

Give PDP-Services a call for a free phone consultation to show you how your business can benefit from web-based accounting services.

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• Sound Finanacial Advice
• 20 Years Experience
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