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Restaurants and Hospitality Sector

Restaurant owners need continuously updated reports indicating the cost of food and labor as percentages of total receipts.

Profit margins are too thin to allow any expense to go unnoticed for even a short period since it can have a devastating effect on your company’s bottom line.

We provide unique services for the hospitability business: most of these can be contracted as a single service or can be combined in a package. Outsourced services are cheaper than in-house staff which needs to be trained (and re-trained), or is difficult to retain. We can continuously adjust to your needs since all possible systems are already in place in our offices.

Sales Analysis
We provide you with a unique service that continuously connects to your POS (Point of Sale) system and analyzes your expenses versus your sales in a format that fits your requirements and gives you constantly updated information, vital to your business
These reports are available online from our secured website and can be accessed at any time.

Bookkeeping, Accounting and Controls
We can provide (full) accounting services including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and General Ledger. Financial Statements such as a monthly detailed Profit and Loss statements, Cashflow reports, etc are available at any time from our password protected website.
More detailed internal and external control systems can be put in place to guarantee optimum profits for your company and your peace of mind.

Business Analysis
An analysis to determine the different parts of your business and their profitability in a format that allows you to compare your business, day to day, week to week or a current time period versus a prior time period. All these reports are available any time from our password protected website.
Business analysis reports can be compiled from very simple to in-depth analyses, depending on your needs. However, we recommend controlling some basic business ratios on a daily basis, rather than in-depth analysis.

Business start-ups
We will set you up with a system that allows you to have immediate control over your business from day one, allowing you to compare actual figures versus a budget to calculate if your business is on the right track or needs adjustments.

Business recovery
If your business isn’t running on the profit levels it should, we can make an analysis, give recommendations and help you remedy the problem.

Budget & Variance Reporting

Outside Services
We outsource and supervise many services you might need apart or in conjunction with services described above:
Legal Services: We partner with Attorneys specialized in the following disciplines: Incorporating, Contract reviews, Franchise Agreements, Employee Policies, Insurance policies, etc.
Computer and POS systems: Network systems, Software needs.

Taxes and Licenses:
We will keep track of all your taxes: Sales tax, Payroll Tax, Federal and State Income taxes. We partner with CPA’s and Enrolled Agents to ensure the expertise your situation might require.

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