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Sales Agencies

Sales Agencies

We provide an essential service for Sales Agencies and Manufacturers Reps.

Sales Reps are dependent on accurate and current accounting to ensure they receive timely and correct commissions. This requires a diligent process which consumes time that is better spent by the Sales Rep in front of customers writing orders and making commissions.

Our unique service keeps track of all your sales and will calculate commission based on the stipulations in your contract. We will reconcile the sales you report to us with the reports obtained from the manufacturers and reconcile commission, ensuring a timely payment and we will work out possible discrepancies on your behalf.

At any time we can immediately provide you with an up-to-date report indicating procured sales, calculated commission and date of payment. We can arrange reporting tailored to your needs for frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) or need for detail. Reports can be provided by mail or can be viewed at any time through our website with a password protected access.

This allows you to spend time on your expertise, ensures your timely receipt of commission and allows you to meet your manufacturers or suppliers only to grow business, not to reconcile accounts or dispute commissions.

Monthly activity reports to the factory/manufacturer
Lag days report
Budget and Variance Reporting

Sales Analysis
Profitability by Vendor
Ratios of expenses over income:
By manufacturer
By product line
Commission Analysis
We can handle your bookkeeping and can prepare you for tax season. Bookkeeping can range from simple record keeping to handling all your payables and receivables, reconciliation, financial statements and tax preparation.

Business start-ups
Planning your Sales Agency? Let us help you start correctly: bookkeeping, tracking your sales and your expenses, determining profit centers, and also set-up of information systems to track your contacts, appointments, leads and necessary follow-ups.

Business recovery
Sales are not what you expect? Profits are too low? Let us analyze your agency, make recommendations, put recoveries in place and nurse your agency back to health.

Outside Services
We outsource and supervise many services you might need apart or in conjunction with the services described above:
Legal Services: We partner with Attorneys specialized in different disciplines:
Incorporating, Contract reviews, Employee Policies, Insurance
Polices, etc.
Taxes and Licenses:
We will keep track of all your taxes depending on your situation
and we can provide the services of CPA’s and Enrolled Agents.
Hardware problems
Computer networks
Specialized software:
Contact Management Software

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